Wear for art thou Bernice?

beatrice borromeo casiraghi 7th April 2016

Now, I’m not saying this is suitable for your jaunt down to Aldi. In fact it would be considered OTT at your wedding… but this is red confectionary dressing at it’s sweetest.  I’m not sure who Beatrice is other than some form of Royalty from Hanover.  But I’ll give the girl her due if she isn’t a Princess yet, she’ll definitely be after wearing the princess dress to end all princess dresses (reminiscent of Blair Waldorf’s at Gare du Nord – Gossip Girl aficionados will know what I’m talking about).  You’ll be pleased to know she wasn’t popping out for a Sloppy Joe’s at Pizza Express, she’s on her way to the Monaco Rose Ball, in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.  As you do.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Bernice?

  1. I LOVE this dress. LOVE it.
    I really do love me a princess dress and this is the best one I’ve seen in a while.
    Personally I think she should have done more with her hair but to be honest, in that dress no one is going to be looking at her head.


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