Wear for art thou Soko?

SOKO 18TH MAY 2015

So lets ignore your ridiculous name.  Because lets be honest that’s not the most ridiculous thing about you right now. I mean where do I start? Marie Antoinette’s bloomers meets Ethel from Eastenders’ net curtain which mated with marionette’s neck ruffle and birthed this utter abortion of a dress. However, utterly staggeringly this is not the worst bit of the outfit. The. Shoes. Just….Stop. Now.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Soko?

  1. I could have dealt with all of it…….until I got to the shoes. HATEFUL.
    I also think she might need to wash her hair.


  2. Ha ha! I’m not offended by this dress for exactly the same reason as you… FFS! Address those terrible shoes. You’re supposed to be French (I think) and cool (allegedly).
    Not good enough to deserve all the column inches you seem to be getting.


  3. She looks like she is on smack to me. Typical Euro-oddball, a walking advert for Brexit. The reference to Ethel’s curtains made me laugh out loud!

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