Wear for art thou Fern?


I couldn’t bring myself to do a full VSR for the TV BAFTAs, it’s just too low rent. Having briefly scanned the rags (dailymail.com) I haven’t seen anything utterly ridiculously hideous, but unsurprisingly nothing that rocks my world either.  I picked our Fern here because she does at least try to do something different than most on the red carpet.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this dress… on the one side we know this lemon colour works well on blondes (one of Kate Moss’s most iconic moments saw a pale yellow chiffon dress nailed with great bed hair).  And this colour doesn’t look exactly bad on Fern, but there’s something missing.  Obviously a lip here would have lifted the look tenfold. A brush wouldn’t go amiss either… this is more tumble in the hay than bed hair, although I love a messy plait. I think it’s the sleeves that are getting to me.  A cuffed semi transparent yellow netting sleeve with pouf shoulder is not a winning look. Neither is the pussy bow neck tie I’m afraid, there is simply too much going on here.  It’s just all too  jaundiced Lady Havisham for me I’m afraid.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Fern?

  1. I think its the bow with the plunging neck line that bothers me the most. I don’t understand why you would have both on one dress. Either you want to show a bit of skin or you don’t. I feel like if you got rid of the bow and let the boobs show a bit, it would at least be a little bit more Lady Chatterly and a little less Little Bo Peep.


  2. I get that there’s something off about this dress, but I kinda like it.
    I also like the plait. Nice effort I think, a bit unusual.


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