Wear for art thou Lara?

lara stone

Apparently Lara ‘won’ best dressed on the red carpet at whatever Vogue function this was.  Which goes to confirm something I’ve believed for a while, that Vogue is becoming increasingly out of touch with the majority of its readership.  Not because it’s too avant garde or breaking boundaries or pushing the meaning of what fashion is, but because it’s  becoming a tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  I genuinely believe that Anna Wintour is seeing how far she can take the piss out of gen-pub by claiming something is beautiful or super directional, when in fact she knows it’s totally just dick.  She’s revelling in her power and laughing at all the fashion journalist/bloggers who hang off every word she says and treat it as gospel (after all Vogue IS the fashion bible (?!)) when she knows full well the entire look is truly truly awful

As for you Lara, all I can say is this dress is anything but black and white. Instead it’s as split as your personality and confused as your ex’s sexuality.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Lara?

  1. A brilliant point very well made Steward. I hated this look. Not because it’s too edgey or directional, just because it’s a bloody stupid dress. Just stupid.
    Maybe face-like-a-slapped-arse Anna actually meant Best HALF Dressed.


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