Wear for art thou Olsens?

2016 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals

So as you know Elizabeth is the younger sister of the Olsen witches twins.  Standing at 5ft 5 inches she makes M-K & A look like anorexic oompa loompas.  The class A drugs and pain medication (M-K was closely linked to Heath Ledger at the time of his death from an overdose) the twins are allegedly addicted to, have evidently taken their toll as at 30 they are looking very wizened despite their joint net worth of over $300m.  You’d think with that money they’d be able to buy themselves some pretty decent togs.  The fact they actually own and design for the horrifically expensive fashion label ‘The Row’ should ensure they are always top of the best dressed list.  However, they never are, instead preferring bag lady chic.  Remarkably the outfits here are a huge step up in what we’re used to seeing, they’ve washed their hair and put on make up which really isn’t alway the case.  There is nothing wrong with their all black ensembles, but considering these would have cost more than Trumps entire armoire of tupees, it’s all a bit flat.  The black court shoes deeply trouble me, almost as much as Lizzie’s half up and down do.  Absolutely drab.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Olsens?

  1. All they need to perfect the look is a bubbling cauldron.
    Good to know I’m taller than the twins (not the giant in the middle obvs).
    TTB xx


  2. I find the twins painful to look at. They do, to be fair, look a great deal better here than they usually do, but that’s because their normal get-up is oversized funeral-chic.
    Their vacant faces REALLY annoy me too.

    But nothing offends me as much as those god awful shoes.


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