Wear for art thou Hailey


Hailey… what has happened! You are SLAYING it at the moment and looking hotter than Gigi, Bella and Kendall combined.  Do I like your shoes…. no.  Is your dress anything we haven’t see before… not particularly.  Do you however look hotter than the sun? Yes indeed you do! Your hair and make up are perfection and for once I’m really digging that choker.  You may look a touch on the slutty side, although I really like the dress’s length…and if I’m honest, whilst you’re no cutting-edge fashionista, I’d KILL to look like you right now.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Hailey

  1. I’m glad you’ve said this – out of all the Girl Squad (CDLV aside), I would most like to look like her, right now.
    I still believe she’s a bit pointless but she’s a super hot piece of pointless.


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