Wear for art thou Tilda?


As much of a chameleon in her acting career as her choices on the red carpet, Tilda never does the expected.  This is one of the most mainstream looks we’ve seen her in, which in turn continues her well trodden course of consistently managing to surprise us every time she steps out.  Here she looks utterly radiant in a soft butter and blush tailored yet feminine and relaxed dress, which does a great job of showing off her statuesque figure.  After all the frippery at the Met Gala yesterday, I’m thoroughly enjoying the clean lines, soft fluting and fabulous look that Tilda is utterly owning here.  Great hair, great make up, the beautiful beautiful simplicity of an immaculately cut dress finished with a statement ring and not a single other accessory.  Absolutely sublime. Quite possibly one of my favourite red carpet looks by anyone. Ever.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Tilda?

  1. This is my fave ever look for Tilda.
    She looks utterly delightful here; whilst keeping her super-relaxed, minimal fuss edge she always maintains. Nicey nicey.

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    1. I agree! Elegant with a capital LEG.
      I love the soft off the shoulder. The most acceptable of all flesh baring in my book.
      Pretty cheeks and no mascara. Fab.

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  2. Somehow missed this one first time around. I’ll be honest, just clicked on it thinking “Tilda? Must be Tilda Swinton, this will be a laugh out loud moment on a Wednesday afternoon”.

    How wrong can a man be? Very wrong on this evidence. Looks good, she has nutted this.

    No doubt she will be back to form and dressing like an 8 foot parrot next time out.

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    1. I literally just spat my drink out reading this Robbie. 8 foot parrot. Fucking BRILLIANT. It’s testament to how funny that statement is that you made me laugh as I have a crippling hangover and only had 4 hours sleep. Bad. Bad. Times.


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