Wear for art thou Ana?

ana de armas

I will admit that I don’t know who Ms Armas is, but firstly what a great name!  The silhouette of this frock puts a fresh spin on the little black dress and adds a lot of interest.  I don’t actually mind the uneven hem line and I like the fold down décolletage.  I’m not sure it needs the buttons and it doesn’t quite fit her as perfectly as it should.  However, her low fuss hair, simple but pretty make up and incredible nonchalance absolutely pull this off.  I have one question though… is the shoe too barely there to fully nail the look?  Answers on a postcard (or below) please.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Ana?

  1. I love this look. I love it all. The shoes are also a win for me – perhaps because they are a gagillion times better than many I’ve seen on the celebs of late.
    She could have painted her toes though…..


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