Wear for art thou Emily?

emliy vancamp

There is so much wrong with this.  Apricot tulle should be saved for MidWest Donald Trump loving bridesmaids… although I’d argue it should be a colour never seen on a woman over the age of probably 3.  What is the diamante smock all about?  It looks like a fairy vomited on her.  The shape and semi sheer layering of this outfit does very little for her figure. and beyond this her hair and overall styling is crushingly insipid.  The shoes are a goddamn disgrace. Perhaps she thinks this is Nude rather than Apricot?  Well it’s not.  Not that being nude (the colour) would help it… only being nude (naked) could improve this look.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Emily?

  1. This is such an awful look – and it’s made worse by the fact that I know she can look so much better than this! She wore amazing dresses on Revenge and her hair looked a trillion times better than it does here. Why so severe and matronly Emily?!?
    There is no redeeming feature here at all; I’m not sure that dress would have looked much better if it were any other colour either. Boo.
    It’s a thumbs down from me.


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