Wear for art thou Chloe?

chloe sev

This must be pretty much the most mainstream we’ve ever seen Chloe and doesn’t she look great?  I love the super bright coral skirt, nails and colour pop on those envy inducing shoes.  The gold clutch, which I’ve already seen on three other stars recently is obviously the bag du jour, so kudos for being one of the first to exhibit it. I don’t like a polo neck, but the strong shoulder pads and not-to-be-missed neck bling prevent the outfit looking like office wear and most certainly adds interest to this look ensuring Chloe looks more fashionista than barrister.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Chloe?

  1. Yup, agreed. She looks great here and I love her quirky dressing.
    Think she could have done a bit more with her hair – she’d look great with a Lob – but that’s just being picky.
    Great outfit.


    1. Nims, I agree. I think the hair could do with a little ‘something’, but that’s being V V V picky.
      Vic, I love the skirt/shoe combo too. Pretty! I can take or leave the shoulder mind…


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