Wear for art thou Jennifer?


I like JLaw super blonde, it suits her and her make up here is nice – great flicks.  But I find the rest of this outfit a bit…. weird.  In some ways the dress is pretty futuristic.  Like StarTrek meets Little Girl on the Prairie.  Those flowery shoulder straps really don’t go with the rest of the look at all.  Which I guess may possibly be the point?? But I don’t think that makes it directional, just dick? The shape of the dress is weird and the shoes even more strange.  I just find the whole look slightly off balance and it’s making me a bit uncomfortable.  I have to stop looking at this now. It’s putting me on edge.

3 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Jennifer?

  1. Ummmm. Nope.

    It’s rare for me to say this but there’s not enough flesh here for this this to make sense. Perhaps it’s the background? Perhaps it’s too much black?

    If I’m saying this, something’s def amiss.


  2. I really like J-Law and it pleases me when she nails a good look.
    Sadly she has not done so here. I HATE the shoes and I’m not mad keen on the dress style and the hem length – but maybe that’s just how she’s standing; she looks like a geezer.
    But I like her hair and nice make-up, and I kind of want to be her best friend – so I shan’t say anything further in case she’s reading this!


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