Wear for art thou Elle?


So firstly let me say this dress is not purple.  In other photos it’s clear that the sequins are more of a crimson colour.   Thank god.  So I will not be penalising Elle for this.  Other than the momentary dubious colour, I have to say Elle looks fabulous here.  The dress fits like a glove, the colour looks fantastic on her skin and for once the super tight bun and it’s simplicity really works with the complexity of the dress.  If I was going to say anything negative it would be that she looks almost blue she’s so pale and the dress is a tiny bit too grown up on her.  But I’m just nit-picking really, this is a great effort. She’s positively blooming (lovely).

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Elle?

  1. I think Elle looks lovely here. It’s a bit different but very pretty – and as you say, the dress fits her perfectly. I am still not loving the Croydon facelift but you’re right about her getting away with it here.

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