Wear for art thou Random No.1?


Now… I’m not going to make a habit of picking random people for my Wear for Art Thou daily review… afterall viciously dissecting some unknowns wardrobe is wayyy less fun then tearing the proverbial strip off a poorly selected celeb fashion choice.  But today this outfit had to feature.  For me, this entire outfit is absolute perfection. EVERY last piece.  If I could wear anything in the world this is the outfit I’d chose. I doubt I need to explain that the beaten up boot, nonchalant tucking of T, necklace, shades and cross body bag are immaculate choices.  Then add her hair..  This is how I would dress EVERY day of my life if I could.  I actually think I’m weeping a little bit about how MUCH I want this to be me.   Sniff.

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