Wear for art thou Taylor?


It must be Friday 13th. There is simply no way VSR would cover two eternally despised individuals back-to-back in a Wear For Art Thou? review otherwise.  I’m going to ignore the fact this is TShizzle and just judge this look as one would a mannequin in a well lit store window.  The dress bothers me.  I think it could be great on someone who looked less like a top heavy bean pole.  Although I’m not entirely sure, as it’s also very reminiscent of something I once owned from Karen Millen in the early 90s (which whilst wrong is probably now de rigeur?).  It’s styled well – her hair is interesting and whilst a tad too yellow, is actually edgy combined with the lighter than normal eye make up.  This look isn’t bad, but it’s as unnatural on Taylor as the man-made fibre carpet she’s standing on (which most disconcertedly seems to match the dress).  Unfortunately Taylor you are more plastic and less animated than the aforementioned store front mannequin. Ha.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Taylor?

  1. I am really on the fence with this dress. I don’t detest it, nor do I love it.
    I am not anti-cleavage at all but here I think the booby top just really cheapens it.
    You’re right on the hair, it’s on the cusp of being yellow. Her make-up is nicer than normal though.
    It’s not the worst I’ve seen. But then, that normally belongs to the girl in the movie ‘Room’.


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