Wear for art thou Kendall, Gigi & Hailey?


So on first inspection this is just a picture of a bunch of young girls hanging out and enjoying a normal day of shopping, much like we’ve all done with our mates over the last 15+years.  But I don’t believe at any point we were called a squad and we certainly didn’t have  #squadgoals… whatever the fuck they are.  On closer inspection this collective are a bunch of over-privileged kids, dressed in very expensive outfits they want us to think they just ‘threw on’.  Actually, in one case they evidently did just chuck on a top, entirely missing a piece of somewhat invaluable support…  I’m sure utterly by ‘accident’.

However I will accept that they all brought their sunglasses A game. Hailey I love your dress and bag, but your platform wedge ankle boots aren’t right… I’d rather have seen you go much heavier with the new twist on the biker boot that were all over the recent catwalks.  Gigi those jeans should only be worn with a 70’s platform and T and you’re mixing decades unsuccessfully with the 80’s choker which doesn’t work .  Kendall you rock the jeans but I don’t like them tucked in to those boots.  But lets be honest, this is all utterly irrelevant when Kendall’s flashing her boobs and nipple piercing which is apparently now #breakingtheinternet.  What a right left tit.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Kendall, Gigi & Hailey?

  1. It makes me feel very uncomfortable that chokers are back in fashion, it’s just not right. Kendall is such a tit but her sunglasses are amazeballs and as with many A list outfits these days, all the shoes are wrong wrong wrong.
    Loving your work stew xxx


  2. Couldn’t agree more Polly.

    Much like the Paltrow article this. If you do a scrolly uppy/down thing the girl on the left looks totally smoking hot in a “get down on your knees and thank God you are a straight man” way when viewed head to the knee. Viewed from below the knee she looks like an extra from Rocky Horror Show.

    Is there some kind of shoe Taliban thing going on in the States we don’t no about? Women in fear of their lives from some fat bearded bloke wanging on about a Louboutin being devils work and all that. I can only assume so.

    Bring back Carrie Bradshaw, she might have had a face like a foot but she understood why a decent shoe is important on a girl..


  3. I can’t wait for Rob to see Hailey’s shoes. Snarf. I do however love her dress.

    If I believed these outfits were genuinely picked up off the floor and thrown on then I’d let them ride. But I don’t and they weren’t. Nothing these members of Taylor’s Girl Squad (*shudder*) do is by accident. It’s all well planned and contrived which makes me dislike them all the more.
    Gigi’s belt looks dick.

    Given the choice I’d rather hang out with the God Squad.

    Choker? I’d love to. All of them.


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