Wear for art thou Chloe?


Now our Chloe is a bit of a divisive one.  I think in general women applaud her interesting, non formulaic, strong fashion choices… however to men, much like SJP she is a man repeller.  Something I’m sure she’s absolutely fine about.  In my own self-aggrandising opinion, en generale Chloe pretty much pulls off anything she wears (similarly to Riahanna)  with a ‘fuck you’, devil may care attitude that should be at the very least admired.  Never safe, often stylish, always brave, I think we should applaud her lack of fashion conformity in a cookie-cutter world.  Neither does it ever feel like she’s doing it to shock, ala GaGa… her style choices, whilst often strange, seem genuine to me.  Once again, here she has totally committed to her look.  And hell knows it’s most certainly a look – that Bon Jovi 80s staple of leather and lace with some Claire’s Accessories (they must be having a resurgence!) plackky earrings and brooches thrown on for added and obviously much needed (??) decoration.  Do I like this look? No.  Would I wear it?  Negatory.  Does Chloe give a shit?  Most certainly not.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Chloe?

  1. Agreed. On all points.
    I like Chloe. I’m not mad keen on her style per se but I do love anyone who can chuck on whatever they godamn feel like and not give a hoot what anyone thinks. She always seems genuine in what she’s wearing and not doing it ‘just for show’ (yes you Gaga and that stupid Sia woman).

    Quite frankly she deserves points for just getting those lace tights on without laddering them!


  2. I’m with you. I love her DGAF attitude. And I genuinely believe she picks her own outfits, and therefore gets to be rated for HER style, rather than the style of someone she employs to dress her.
    I don’t always love her looks, but I’m actually liking this. Perhaps there’s a BIT too much going on, but because it’s monochrome it’s not too offensive. also: points for edging up the Chanel bag.


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