Wear for art thou Jessica?


So Jess is at a premiere for her new movie the Huntsman in which she plays some sort of warrior princess.  So, as Angelina Jolie did in her premieres for Maleficent, I think Jess is trying to match her red carpet outfit to the theme of her movie.  I really like the unusual pattern of this dress, I don’t hugely mind the ripped bottom of the dress either, although I’m usually adverse to an uneven hem line.  I don’t however think carrying the ripped look up to the neckline has proven to be very flattering.  However, my biggest issue unsurprisingly are the hooker heels.  Why oh why are our A Listers insisting on wearing a trend that finished at least 2 years ago?  They don’t even fit her properly and are  incredibly ugly and such a let down to an otherwise pretty good look.  Less Huntsman and more Cun… you get the gist.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Jessica?

  1. Cute dress if everyone else in the entire cast has turned up ‘in theme’ but those shoes can only be the result of some kind of sorcery. Horrific!
    I’d be getting Chris Hemsworth to chop my feet off with that lovely big axe of his.


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