Wear for art thou Lily?


I don’t know about you, but I’m totally over Cannes and Couture.  Gimme a break from the impossibly styled mannequins and lets get back to reality.  And today that comes about as realistic as they get in the form of ermmmm a Victoria Secret’s model (VSR reality fail). Now dungarees are a tricky trend to pull off over the age of 4.  But Lily NAILS this look.  Form fitting denim dungarees are more lipstick than lesbian and the slick of red just adds to the grown-upness of this look.  I also applaud the long sleeved T, which saves us from unnecessary side boob, thus avoiding a Miley imitation .  I mean granted, if you look like Lily you literally (try saying that quickly) slay anything you wear.  But I’m really really enjoying EVERYTHING about this. Minus the bag.  A leather fringed slouch would have finished this for me.  And ditch the Fendi FUR (disgraceful) pompom, you’re not 4 years old.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Lily?

  1. Well. Could this be any more perfect for me? I am known for occasionally dressing like a toddler, indeed I have been out and matched a dungaree – based outfit with a small boy. Hi William!
    However this is generally how I look in my head.
    Lily is, of course, just stunning which helps. But I love the off the shoulder with dungs plus a bright red lip. Add wavy, causal hair and I’m IN!

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  2. She looks amazing here. I’m in TOTAL agreement about the bag and the utterly pointless pom-pom, but the outfit on her is lovely.

    Why don’t I look like that?!

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  3. So I tried on some dungas today. I didn’t look like this, I looked like Super Mario. That’s because I’m so teeny tiny. I’d upload a photo uf i knew how to!

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