Wear for art thou Emilia?


Episode 1 Season 6 Game of Thrones airs today which means we’ll be seeing Emilia all Dragon lady, blonde, tortured and annoyingly superior for the next 12 weeks.  Fortunately there is nothing for  Emilia to be all superior about here.  Unlike her character Daenerys Targaryen, who has the best wardrobe in all of Westeros and beyond, Emilia has had no such fortune here.  There’s a lot wrong with the dress; the crinkly unflattering midi length (hard to pull off when you’re short) skirt, the peplum that just adds heft to hip and the totally out of place and just plain weird Emoticon belt.  Add to this the overall unflattering shape and terrible terrible chiffon sleeves you have an absolute Joffrey (ugly, mental, unhinged, little bitch) of an outfit.  And much like Joffrey’s sticky end, there is little to save you here, even your hair and make up let you down.  I’m sorry but this is a truly appalling look. If your Dragons could see you now they’d burn you to the ground. And I’m afraid you’d deserve it.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Emilia?

  1. This outfit is awful but for me, it’s the hair that really lets her down here. Greasy and slapped down: it looks like mine does when I’ve gone a day too long without washing it.
    She should do much better.


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