Wear for art thou Julia?


So this is a departure from the normal The Hood, The Bag and the Shrugly daily updates, firstly I’m just bored of primped and preening Met Gala photos and secondly all celebs seem to have gone in to hiding post the after party.  This is no bad thing because it just gives me the opportunity to post the latest photo of this goddess.  Yes, it’s airbrushed, it is after all the front cover of a monthly glossy.  Nonetheless,  we can’t deny how incredible Julia is here.  Gorgeous, NOT contoured to within an inch of her fierce cheekbones or made so bland with extreme re-touching (Kate Winslet take note).  Just fabulous hair, perfect accessories, beautiful silk sports lux shirt dress… all paling in to insignificance when you look at that face.   Yes there will be work done on this photo, yes there’s probably work done on that face too… but she still looks like her (a feat in 40+ Hollywood)…  and it all just seems so effortless with Julia.  Something I think we can all aspire to.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Julia?

  1. Heavenly hair… Lovely accessories. Relaxed, appearing to not try too hard (although with the combined weight of hair, make up, lighting, retouching etc behind it).
    Beautiful pic.


  2. I commend you on this report VicStew, and wholeheartedly agree.
    I think Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful people to have ever lived. She looks STUNNING here.


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