Wear for art thou Alexa?

alexa chung

Many of you will know I’m not a fan of Miss Chung’s… I’ve never really got what the fuss is about.  I don’t feel she’s particularly stylish, she’s definitely in need of a hamper of sandwiches (I HATE a lollipop head) and I’m not sure what she’s ever done to become an IT girl for which a Mulberry handbag has been named after.  However, I’ll banish all of my prejudgements for today’s VSR, which has been nominated by my bestie Ms Moore.

There’s a lot going on with this look. The collar and cuffs are reminiscent of a late 80s look I rocked to the extreme, wearing a jumper over a shirt for a good 17 months.  The keyhole neckline fortunately breaks up the totally covered upper half whilst the split does the same for the lower section, so the silhouette works.  However, the cheap material bothers me as it’s a little shiny under the Pap’s flash glare, but I actually do like the strawberries/ roses/ bullet-wound motif.  As you can see I’m as confused as this dress appears to be… it’s one part tea dress with an appropriate Henley regatta length and one part cheongsam with it’s ribboned detail.  The shoes add a bit of interest considering the length and it fits her very well.  But this doesn’t save me from being utterly befuddled and as I come to the end of this VSR I still can’t decide whether I like this or not.

I am however less confused about my opinion of Ms Chung.  It hasn’t changed. Not one jot.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Alexa?

  1. Thanks Vic! I needed this to help me sort out my own confused feelings 🙂
    Not about Alexa, I know you can’t abide her, I can’t help but have a little affection for her. It’s mostly just her lower legs though, which I covet.
    So, the outfit… You’re right, there’s so much going on here, and so much to dislike (boob hole, shiny material, braided frogging(!), side split, print etc) however, I can’t help but quite like it.
    The sum of all the average parts seem to be working for me.

    Also: styling. I like the ubrushed hair, lip and shoe combo. Very unconfusing, so I can focus on what the hell it is I actually like about the dress.

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  2. I think Alexa looks great here. Even with the horrible shiney cuffs that look like they were recycled from one of Hugh Heffner’s smoking jackets, she still nails it.
    That said, I’m not sure I like the dress either, Steward. I am pleased to see she’s not wearing a flat loafer for once though.

    No accessories required but that’s probably just as well; I think she’d be too weak to hold them.

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