Wear for art thou Emily?


Ok… so look, yes, the top is a little too bright and white and doesn’t manage to blur the lines (geddit?) between smart casual denim wear. It’s  just too on the formal side for the rest of the look. Neither is it necessary to bare ones abs whilst on a quick stroll to Duane Reade at 11am on a Wednesday.  But lets be honest, no fuckage should be given about that here.  At night I dream I look this, I fantasise that ripped white boyfriend jeans look exactly like this on me, as I nonchalantly saunter down Orchard Road.  Realistically, most of us mere mortals couldn’t pull this off and it pains me to admit it.  However, Emily is so phenomenally SMOKING HOT that unsurprisingly she totally delivers on this look.  Love the tan flats, co-ordinating shoulder slung tote and gold hardware.  But lets be honest it’s not even the outfit that’s driving this look, it’s the impeccable hair, beautiful face and flawless body.  If only THAT was available to purchase at your local drug store.

3 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Emily?

  1. I will now cry for days at the realisation I will NEVER look like this. She is so gorgeous and her body is to die for. I don’t care about her Tammy Girl top because the rest is so perfect.

    God dammit.

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