Wear for art thou Kate?


It must be very frustrating dressing as the future Queen of England.  On the one hand you have access to every designer in the world and in theory every dress.  But actually I imagine Kate’s options are pretty limited. She must feel obliged to wear royalty ‘appropriate’ attire at all times, which has historically meant longline jackets worn over shift dresses in a variety of pastel and jewelled tones depending on the season (kill me now).  Respect to Kate for pushing the boundaries where possible.  I really love this cream midi off the shoulder dress.  It’s gorgeous, on trend albeit princess appropriate and shows off her slender frame.  What I’m most impressed about is that she’s avoided the perennial royal error (Beatrice and the other one I’m looking at you) of matching shoe colour with the dress.  Kudos to your stylist for  picking this light tan pair, which is super smart and avoids cutting you off at the ankle, highly  unflattering with that length of dress.  If only the same said stylist could get their hands on your bloody eyeliner.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Kate?

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I LOVE this dress – and as you very rightly point out on the shoe front, it’s paired with a great pair.
    The dress is so lovely that even her Chelsea blow-dry doesn’t offend me as it normally would.
    Nothing is ever going make me ignore her mainstay eye make-up though. Gaaaah.


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