Wear for art thou K-Stew? 3.0

Premiere Of A24's "Equals" - Arrivals

Back-to-back appearances on the red carpet can only mean one thing.  Something SERIOUS is going on.   Right now there are a number of starlets hitting the red carpet almost every day at the moment (Blake Lively and Margo Robbie to name but a few)… but no one is making the impact  Kristen Stewart currently is.  Granted yesterday’s smock horror was disappointing, but true to form she’s back fighting fit and super fierce.  I love love this cobweb dress. It fits her perfectly, shows flesh in a way that looks fresh and even the polo neck in a dress look is nailed showing off her gorgeous face.  But once again, and this is a regular theme for KS’s red carpet appearances over the last couple of weeks, it’s ALL in the styling.  The unkempt hair is everything and the heavily pencilled eye and palest of pink lips just adds to this perfectly composed look. Totally on point, absolutely (vampire) slayed.

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