Wear for art thou K-Stew? 2.0


I know VSR has just recently featured K-Stew in it’s Wear For Art Thou piece… however, this dress could not go ignored.  KS looks INCREDIBLY uncomfortable here.  Literally she’s so stiff and her body is screaming ‘get this bloody monstrosity off me’ like NOW in true emo fashion.  Not since she played Bella has Kristen looked so god damn miserable.  To be fair, I have some sympathy.  What is this Victorian bondage parlour maid dress?  The leather and shoe lace combination is baffling and the sleeves need literally ripping off, I mean I’d be prepared to lose my limbs if it meant you’d take these sleeves away.  The Chanel logo is extremely out of place here too… if the devil is in the detail then the devil needs to go away and have a quiet word with himself, as this is terrible.  Cute hair though.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou K-Stew? 2.0

  1. This outfit makes me sad. K stew has been looking great recently, totally comfortable in her own skin and sexy in that androgen onus way. Here she looks like she was stuffed in the dress against her will – it is totally off brand and whoever put her in this dress should be ashamed of themselves!! As you say vicstew, thank god for the hair and no matter what you think of K stew her face and skin is pretty flawless

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  2. I do not, cannot, and will not understand this dress. Terrible.

    My least favourite part of this unholy mess is the slapping on of Chanel logos. Cheap!

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  3. Ummmmm. Ok, I am going to put my hand up and say that I liked this dress. In its original form. Until Dr Frankenstein ripped it apart and then botched it back together again.

    Unfashioned Creature indeed.


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