Wear for art thou Lilly?

lilly rose depp.jpeg

Literally Wear for Art Thou Lilly?  If you turned to the side I doubt we’d be able to see you. Yes you’re the daughter of  the original French Channel Muse Vanessa Paradise and Jack Sparrow which means you should at least have good jeans, if not genes.  And I’m sure Mr Depp’s recent ugly divorce from whatever her name is, has been tough on Daddy, but nonetheless it doesn’t give you the excuse to go on a fast.  This is just too too thin.  What I thought was originally just a mardy face is actually just the result of the fact you don’t have the strength to hold your own head up or even raise a smile.  I’m not going to critique your outfit because quite frankly you shouldn’t be on the red carpet.  This is incredibly unhealthy and makes me feel as unnerved as your Pop’s decent in to late middle age.

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