Wear for art thou TayTay?


Now I’m desperately trying to remove my dislike for this woman with my distaste for this outfit.  Now granted it’s a random music awards do, so I’m not expecting classical glamour.  I was however expecting a little more than Spearmint Rhino does Red Carpet. Taylor, you have great legs and a slightly elongated yet very slim figure.  But even you can’t pull off this sequinned Sandra Dee look. With terrible terrible hooker heels and a weightlifters belt to boot.  You are right to be looking over your shoulder, I think you’re about to get shafted.  And looking like that I’m not sure I mean that metaphorically.

One thought on “Wear for art thou TayTay?

  1. Agreed. Waist-up she looks good (apart from the fact she’s the only person in the world to actually select ‘mousey’ from her hair colourest), but that belt makes her tiny tiny frame look girthy!


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