Wear for art thou Jessica?

jess alba

Pretty in pink or so the song goes and it could surely have been written for Jessica.  I love the simplicity of this dress and whilst not a huge pink (colour not singer) fan personally, I cannot deny this colour looks wonderful against her skin and I love the shape of the dress in general, especially the straps and neckline. Where this dress falls down for me is in the styling.  Her tied in a half high ponytail is far too twee for my liking.  The bag, despite it’s pink piping is too big and black and just doesn’t go with the whimsical feel of the dress.  If she was trying to harden her look by adding heavy hardware then she shouldn’t have modelled her hairstyle on my little pony (try saying that sentence quickly!). And then finally we get to the shoes.  I don’t think you need me to tell you what I think of these. Wrong.  On every platform level.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Jessica?

  1. Spot on. Love the dress – HATE the Ariana Grande hair.
    The shoes are awful. It’s like she got the dress home only to find it was too long – so paired it with her biggest, fattest shoe. Not a good selection.

    She looks gorge in the dress though. Amazing body.

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