Wear for art thou Kendall


If you do a quick scan of the celebrities that attended the White House Correspondence Dinner, you’d be inclined to think they’d got the guest list mixed up with Kim and Kanye’s wedding.  Random Victoria Secrets models and TV actors including Kerry Washington, who I think got confused and actually thought she was turning up to the White House as the President’s mistress in full Olivia Pope character, were in attendance. As a result many of the dresses worn, predominantly by the Vicky S models, were sure to have shocked the Tea Party republicans, who were no doubt uttering whispers of ‘she was obviously asking for it dressed like that’ as they copped a feel whilst mingling from table to table.  However, even more shocking that evening was that one of the Kardashian/ Jenners managed to turn up looking stylish, classy and understated.  The dress is beautifully cut, fits her perfectly and is styled simply but effectively.  I don’t like chokers, but if you’re going to do it, do it 20 carat diamond stylee.  In this outfit Kendall, you definitely win my vote.  I just hope you’re a democrat.  Scratch that.  You’re not even old enough to vote yet.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Kendall

  1. Kendall is SO pretty and has such an amazing bod. Before I address the dress though, I would like to point out that you, Victoria Steward, gave me A LOT of shit for the ‘hair scraped back with 2 bits pulled forward’ look. Now, admittedly Kendall looks approximately 6927 times better than I did but I’m still not willing to give this up-do more than a few points. I like a bit of messy-up with bits falling down but this is neither, nor.
    I love her bling and I love her in this dress; she does look gorge.
    Am not totally sold in the shoes though. Just saying.


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