Wear for art thou Scarlett?


I tell you what, she’s recovered well from her Pneumonia, I guess when you’re running for future President of the United States, you have to ‘man’ up so to speak.  Oh….. Dear.

Scarlett, I’m sure you’re going through that awkward growing you hair out phase, which is a challenge to say the least.  But I don’t presume you’re actually trying to look like Hilary?  The colour of the dress is lovely, but red chiffon much less so.  This dress is frumpy, has too much material, is ill-fitting and the pussy-bow looks like someone’s given you a Colombian neck tie. Not, I presume, the look you were going for.  Despite your very best efforts to emulate DTrump’s (what a cockwomble) nemesis this is far from a (election) winning outfit.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Scarlett?

  1. Ha ha ha! It took me a while… but now I can’t unsee Hils in this get-up.

    So, I actually quite liked the hair and (bearing in mind I find Scar-Jo quite unbearable) that’s high praise. But I take your point that this could have been edgier.

    The dress is just confused. Red chiffon is a no no.


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