Wear for art thou Baddie?

Baddie Winkle MTV Awards 2016

Because simply sometimes the fashion world needs to take itself less seriously.  Baddie is a true Baddass and blogging Barbie aficionado.  Kudos for committing completely to your look Baddie.  We could learn a thing or two from your Bitchin’ level of dedication.  Respect.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Baddie?

  1. She wears those pink sequin leggings better than I ever could. I hope I can nail my dressing like Baddie when I reach my twilight years.
    I mean, look at her; she knows those b*tches in the black dresses could only dream of being as cool as she is. She’s even smoking an imaginary cigarette………because she just f*cking can, alright?!


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