Wear for art thou Sienna?

sienna miller

Lets start with hair and make up.  Sienna you look fab… I’ve been worried in recent times that you’ve appeared a little ‘tired and emotional’, but I have to say you’re looking good here.  Also thank you thank you thank you for putting on a decent pair of ones and twos… one of VERY few celebs this year who have managed to not shop at shoesforhookers.com.  So, so far so good.  I also like the colour of this dress on you. The cutouts aren’t great, but I can live with them, although I really don’t think the dress needs the unnecessary V straps which just add fuss. But again… all is working pretty well together.  Until you get to the utterly random Claire’s Accessories charms.  They would be bad enough, but why, if you can’t sew, would you resort to homemade embellishment with safety pins?  Maybe Liz Hurley can shed some light on this choice because quite frankly I’m stumped.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Sienna?

  1. Totally in agreement with the surrounding parts. Hair and makeup – Strong. Shoes are lovely. Dress? Disaster. Bits of string are not ‘a look’. The dangly bits are not a way to re-purpose those odd earrings you have lying around at home but don’t want to throw out. Just throw them out.

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  2. She looks lovely here; great hair and make-up and I agree on the shoes – these are gorge. The dress is nice on her and although cut outs normally really offend me, they don’t bother me too much because she isn’t wearing a hanky to cover the rest of her. I don’t get the ties though – they look like they’d be really uncomfortable on the hips and they’re not necessary on the neck.

    And the Girl Guides want their badges back.


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