Gossip Girl… top 10 tastic

So… in a new addition to VicStewReviews, I will be doing some Top 10 Scuffles and Bustles reviews which will be a ‘Top of the Pops best-of-the-best countdown’ with outfits fighting it out for the no. 1 position.  Inspiration can come from anywhere but we’ll mainly be reviewing and ranking some of the great film and TV fashion moments of past and present.

I think it’s fair to say between 2007 and 2012 I was obsessed with an Upper East Side blogger sharing the secrets of the very rich and beautiful.  Gossip Girl brought us Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf and the divine Chuck Bass and never before has a bunch of school kids lives been so coveted.  In part this was due to the fact they didn’t actually seem to go to any lessons, NEVER had homework and their pocket money was never ending. Far less self absorbed, introspective and quite frankly annoying than Dawsons Creek, Gossip Girl was sharp, smart and super slick.  With such highlights as Queen B’s put-downs, her on-off-on and then very on relationship with Bass Jnr, the very pretty and beautifully dim Nate who had a thing for Cougars and Serena VDWs incredibly glamourous take on slutty sex and self medication, it was always going to be a sure-fire hit.  But really the Gossip in Gossip Girl paled in to insignificance, because for me and many of its avid viewers, it was all about the clothes and in particular, one Girl’s clothes.

Below are my top 10 favourite outfits from 5 years of true fashion fabulousness.


When you have a body that just won’t quit, a face that launched a 1000 perfume ads, all framed by a mane of pure gold, you could literally wear a bin bag.  However, Gossip Girl producers (much like SATC before it) recognised the value in using fashion as a way of promoting the show.  The clothes, by and large, were insane and bang on trend.  Or at least they were if you ignored Blairs penchant for tweed and an alice band, I was never a fan.  Serena really lead the way, with outfits most of us would only get to wear once in a lifetime, worn popping for a bitch and a bagel on a Wednesday morning.   Here is a prime example of the nonchalance and insouciance with which SVDW rocked cocktail sequins in daylight.  I love the grey blazer with the nude and great choice of shoes which ensures her legs go on for days.  Cute bag too.



I think it’s fairly obvious that I had a HUGE girl crush on SVDW (less so Blake Lively after her failed Goop attempt) and this outfit is no exception.  Serena tended to go for the superlux boho look, but occasionally the stylist would break with routine and massively amp up her togs.  Here she NAILS Balmain before the Kardashians had even heard of Olivier Rousteing.  I dream of wearing this outfit and looking like this in it.  The shoes are incredible too.  Power dressing at it’s very best. Did I mention that her legs just don’t stop?!



Poor Vanessa.  She lost Dan to Serena (I mean who can compete with that?!) and seemingly spent most of Gossip Girl dressed as a native indian/ aztec inca reject.  With terrible extensions.  However, this was her one moment to shine.  I love this dress and could see myself getting married in something similar should Chuck Bass ever dump Blair and propose.  The little beaded cap sleeves are gorgeous and the whole dress is reminiscent of a silver screen icon. Unfortunately her hair lets her down, it’s too dark and makes her look old.  The shoes aren’t great either.  Nonetheless, a dreamy dress worthy of Gossip Girl.



I remember thinking at the time, what a god awful neckline and why is she wearing black motorcycle gloves?  However, 5 years on from this episode I’ve actually fallen in love with this dress.  The pale lemon is fabulous on her, I like the tough black styling, it stops the look from being too saccharine (although I still don’t get the gloves) and the typically on brand messy chignon is absolutely gorgeous.  Divine.



I was obsessed with Chuck Bass.  The fact that he could wear an all cream suit and cravat with R-Bans tucked in to a shirt with one too many buttons undone and STILL have me swoon all over him, is testament to just how god damn HOT he was.  I still would. 100%.



A simple silk summer dress is super amped here with incredible accessories.  The shoes nail this look. The colour is gorgeous on her.  This is how to do sexy without showing anything more than a toned shoulder.  I mean it really does make me want to sob.  Nice seeing you too Nate… but I think I fancy Serena more.



So Blair finally makes an appearance in this top 10.  She was always impeccably dressed and styled, but it was all a little to prim and proper for me.  Very preppy and typically Upper East Side with felt hats and Mary Janes.  However, every now and then Blair would wear a dress so gorgeous it actually hurt me to watch her on screen.  Here is one very example… this is what the rich elite of Manhattan wear to their prom.  This dress may have placed higher if it wasn’t for that awfully out of place necklace.



This dress was worn in one of my favourite ever Gossip Girl episodes.  She looked breathtaking running on to the platform at Gare du Nord, tracking down Chuck who was having a crisis of character.  This Vera Wang number is ridiculous, but a dress I will dream about wearing forever. The Vivier fuchsia clutch and matching shoes are an inspired choice and made this incredible frock age appropriate. In this scene I can’t decide whether I want the dress or Chuck more.



Once again, even before many A-listers embraced the mullet dress/ see-through lace short under long theme, that has graced every red carpet in the last 3 or 4 years, Gossip Girl stylists put SVDW in this incredible dress and made me once again weep with envy.  Never before has ANYONE looked so incredible in donkey brown.  She looks INSANE.  I’ve said it before, but will say it again.  Her. Legs. Don’t. Quit. Ever.



This may potentially be my favourite outfit ever worn by anyone ever.  The tailored cobalt blue peg leg trousers cropped above a killer stiletto, simple silk vest and mesmerising gold Balmain jacket, just floor me. But it’s not just the outfit.  It’s who’s wearing it.  The gold hardware, honey tan, soft LA blonde up – do and gorgeous face devastate.  For me this is absolute perfection. Slayed.

XOXO Gossip Girl

One thought on “Gossip Girl… top 10 tastic

  1. This is my fave review EVER VSR. I LOVED Gossip Girl; its silly storylines, its fashion and staring and Blake Bloody Lively in wonderment. She looked AMAZING in this show and you have rightly picked out some of the top top outfits. I would kill to look like she does in Number 1.

    If I could have anyone’s figure, it would be SVDW. The clothes were all absolutely beautiful but she totally rocked them. Blair had the better lines but Serena had the better togs. Fo-Sho.

    Brilliant dedication to the VSR here Steward. Can I request SATC when you have a spare 5 years to prepare it?!?!


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