Wear for art thou Gwyneth?

gwenneth paltrow.jpg

Gwyn has held no.1 in my most disliked celeb list since 2012, taking the crown from Craig David. She has only been usurped this year by Manipulative Witch Taylor Swift.  So it literally kills me to say that she’s looking very good here.  Granted, it’s nothing we haven’t really seen before, however, it fits her perfectly and I love the minimalism.  I’m still not a fan of the cut-out, but I can live with it and I love the clean lines.  My favourite thing about the entire look is her lack of accessories (except MY bloody Cartier bracelet), great LA sunshine locks, straight but not ironed centre parting and next to nothing make up.  I’m literally stabbing myself as I say this, but great work Ms Paltrow.  Unfortunately not a pile of Goop in sight.

4 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Gwyneth?

  1. I would kill to look like this. Better still, I’d kill Gywneth to look like this, so perhaps VicStew and I can cook some kind of deal.

    She looks amazing and I love the outfit. The body, the hair, the tan, the make-up. Based on her grin, she’s obviously very happy with herself too.

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  2. Yep. Looking good Gwyn. Whatever you’re doing, it’s clearly working for you.

    Props for nail varnish colour work. Sometimes it’s all in the detail…

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