Wear for art thou K-Stew?


T-Swizzle.  Take note.  This is how you do bleached blonde, chippy ‘tude, princess rock.  I love everything about this head-to-pointed toe Chanel look.  Not everyone could pull this off and on lesser mortals (T-S I’m looking at you) it could look at best just damn plain and heavy and at worst a terribly quilted throw back Mummy used to wear when partying at Annabel’s on Berkley Square circa 1986.

However, on K-S this suit is bang on… it fits her perfectly and in a rare ‘celeb gets length of trouser right’ shocker, shows the perfect amount of skin. Don’t even get me started on the minimal accessories and incredible nails, make-up and hair.  The girl has slayed this. Respect.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou K-Stew?

  1. First impressions were not as effusive as yours V. However I think it’s the hair that bothers me, and the person inside the outfit, rather than the outfit itself.

    More please.


  2. She does totally rock this look. I also love the fact she’ll have no doubt kicked off the shoes to replace them with a banged up pair of trainers the minute the photo call ended.
    She could smoke a bit less pot but other than that she’s rocking it (or maybe that’s part and parcel).


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