Wear for art thou Kristen?


So Kristen is obviously experimenting as much with her fashion choices as she is with her sexuality right now.  And I have zero issue with this.  I do, however, take umbrage with her persuasion here.  The deep red trou suit is bang on (although I hate the black buttons) and the shoe mirrors the masculine look she’s going for.  I can even live with the lack of bra/ bralet/ tee/ blouse/ bloody polo neck if needs be, although I think it makes her look highly awkward.  Walking with a stoop the entire evening to avoid nipple flash must be a chore.  What I really hate here is the hair.  The T-Swift yellow is highly unflattering with her rose skin tone and just looks like a bad home hair dye job. The cut is severe rather than edgy and can’t even be saved by Channel’s killer rouge make up collection.  More pigs-ear than oxblood for me I’m afraid.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Kristen?

  1. Pig’s ear. Snarf.

    Hate the hair. Like the outfit. Really wish she had put some sort of top on beneath the jacket – no one enjoys Jogger’s Nipple.

    She does at least look like she’s enjoying her look though; far less awkward and uncomfortable-looking.


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