Wear for art thou Blake?


I hate that you tried to do one of those Paltrow ‘Goop’ lifestyle websites Blake… I really do.  It really disappointed me, because ever since you were Serena VDW (Gossip Girl) and prior to this pile of Goop you unleashed on the world, you have been one of my all time girl crushes. But in the last couple of years you’ve let me down with your homebaking, Ryan marrying, childbearing smugness.  However, at no point can I say that your fashion choices have disappointed. Granted it would be nigh on impossible for you to look bad with that INSANE body.  You (or at least your stylist, although you deny having one) has fantastic fashion frills. I absolutely ADORE this poppy red dress… I love the sleeves and the silhouette and the Louboutins are strong, even though they’ve probably had their day they do manage to ground this look.  The fact that is all your own hair allows you to wear it long and beachy (take note fashion darlings you really CAN tell the difference between real and extensions) so this also works with the general hippy vibe.  The glasses for me are one step too far in this overall 70’s styling, but other than that I love this. XOXO

5 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Blake?

  1. Ooh no, first one I disagree on. She looks like she’s going to a Remembrance Day service (highly inappropriate neckline though). I can’t imagine where else she might be heading in that! Flamenco lesson, perhaps? Shoes & hair good, dress Is a big Family Fortune style X for me.

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      1. I’m going to controversially state that all 3 of you are blinded by your love for her in Gossip Girl. I never watched it so I’m the only one who can see clearly that she looks like a toilet roll holder. A Spanish one. Or a special edition one they sold at the Tower of London last year xx


  2. I LOVE how Blake looks. I’d love to look like her. I’d quite like to be her. I don’t however want to be her best friend because she always looks incredibly smug.
    Still, if I looked like she does in clothes (this poppy dress included) I don’t doubt I would forever be smiling with that self-satisfied look she always has plastered on her face.


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