Wear for art thou Ashley

ashley benson

Negliee or ‘slip’ dressing as outerwear is the (not so) new thing.  I’m presuming much like like me, most of you’ve only slipped in to one of these scanty pieces in the privacy of your own home.  You know, when you’re on a promise,  risking serious fire damage by lighting 217 candles in your bedroom, burning your fooey with an out of date home waxing kit, slathering yourself in the only moisturiser you have left from a horrible fruit smelling body shop Xmas gift set, wearing 5 layers of american tan foundation and 2 sets of false lashes  ‘next to no’ make up that’s taken you over 2 hours to apply, sliding yourself in to something silky and ‘sexy’ akin to Hugh Heffners dressing gown.

Most of us mere mortals would find dressing in only your nighty to go to the Pig N Whistle on a Friday night somewhat daunting.  But not our Ashley.

I have to say she looks fab.  I really like this. The colour of the dress on her is gorgeous and the material is less shiny than most of the extreme satin versions I’ve seen.  Tonal shoes work (although she really needs to undo the ankle straps a bit!) and the minimal accessories are appropriate.  I don’t even mind the mullet/ high-lo hemline in this instance, as it adds a bit of direction to the simple style.  I do however have issues with the split . There is simply no way she’s not bearing the obligatory negligee accessory…  A recently scalded, patchy, papaya smelling lady garden.

3 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Ashley

  1. Haha!!

    Firstly I’d like to applaud her on the lack of crease-age. Gywn P take note.

    I can’t imagine getting up in be middle of the night and finding myself walking the red carpet in what I went to bed in, but somehow Ashley has managed it with gusto. Let’s face it, she’s barely wearing anything and what she is wearing is champagne silk – that’s a hard look to pull off. But she has. Bravo.
    Her face and hair look divine.

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  2. Well Ashley certainly looks ready for bedtime. Surprised she hasn’t accessorised with her latest purchase from LoveHoney.com

    Personally not a mad fan of the “wearing my best shag nightie” look but at least here we have an American woman wearing a £1000 + dress with shoes that don’t look like they cost £5 from the sale rack in New Look.

    Well done Ashley, keep that up.


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