Wear for art thou Anne?


Well Ms Hathaway, haven’t you been gone some time?  So long in fact that your hair has now fully grown out of it’s Pixie cut, which is a relief both to the public who have to watch your movies and the small Elfin-like foke whose name you’ve been besmirching for the last 5 years with that do.  However, things have only improved marginally.  The bun on the top of your head is just plain stupid, you aren’t afterall currently performing  a ballet recital and neither are you 4 years old. What I will say though is that your make up is lovely and you actually look very pretty……. Neck up.  But what the HELL is going on shoulder down?!?!? Lace, appliqué, cold shoulder neckline, sequin straps, doilies and a RaRa skirt hemline.  Sweet Jesus.  Thank god for the shoes.  Which go SO well with your dress.  Said no-one. Ever.

2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Anne?

  1. I am bothered not by the bun alone, but the fact that it is wonky. And the kind of do I would have sported in the 1st year at senior school.
    She does have a pretty face. And I do actually like her (good Catwoman and up for a laugh in the Lip Sync battle and Drop the Mic); all that however can not save her from this dress. Or the poorly matched shoe.


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