Wear for art thou Chloe?

chloe sev

So I do believe our Chloe is the first to appear in the WFAT daily feature for a second time.  Some may say this is not necessarily a good thing and looking at this dress I can understand why. The milkmaid (rather than Heidi) hair is really bothering me and already ruins the outfit.  The dress itself isn’t all wrong, but I’m disappointed with the collared, extremely high neckline.  This might not be so bad if it wasn’t for the appliqué which is ill placed and somewhat random, unless there is something incredible going on at the back of this dress.  Nevertheless it appears someone has just finished drinking an ABC (apple, beetroot and carrot for those not in the know) and upchucked on her.  I know Chloe is edgy and we should celebrate this, but this dress with it’s neckline is just edging in the wrong direction for me.  And the hair is just (cow)shit.

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