Wear for art thou Solange?

Launch Of The Jean-Michel Basquiat For Etnia Barcelona Collection

From yesterday’s fashion maverick to another one today.  Solange as we well know is not one to shy away from pushing the boundaries… we all remember her Big Bird Origami look from this year’s Met Gala.  However, on many occasion Solange manages to nail her style in a more wearable manners, whilst still keeping it interesting.  Here is a great example of this… the cut and silhouette of the look is interesting and prevents the one tone coordination of the pieces from looking too sickly sweet.  Paired with a no/low make up choice and loose relaxed hair styling, Solange looks fresh and fabulous in this blush ensemble… no Sesame Street comparison in sight. (She is actually the same colour as Beaker’s felt skin, but I won’t hold that against her).

3 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Solange?

  1. She looks nice here – a lovely colour on her. Her hair however is an issue for me, and has been for some time. She’s got the same barnet as Wallace’s girlfriend in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

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  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaa! Were-Rabbit. I know exactly who you mean… that is priceless! Agree her hair is a bit mental and not pretty at all. Granted you don’t have to be weaved to the max but this isn’t nice. xx


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