Wear for art thou J-Law?


In my last year at University we had a graduation ball.  Money was tight back then and buying a new dress wasn’t always an option.  Fortunately I lived in a house of predominantly fabulous women (one not so much, hence why there’s only 4 of us in the photo below) and we were more than happy to share make up, study notes, boys (not at the same time OBVS) and of course clothes.  A very dear friend of mine, at my request, lent me a dress for the big evening…  I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea.  Firstly she was blonde and I was very new to hair dye back then, so harshly brunette.  Secondly she was 5ft 4 at a push and I’m 5ft 7, almost 8 on a good day.  Thirdly and most importantly this dress was silver. If that wasn’t bad enough… it was silver SATIN.  It was BAD.  VSR would give it a 1/10 if I was lucky… I didn’t even pair it with a strong lip.

However, it did teach me something.  Silver satin is not a good look on anyone.  Granted, it’s significantly improved when worn by an ice blonde, with a killer bod, a luscious red pout on a beautiful face and some serious ice.  But I stand by my long held belief that silver and satin are a terrible terrible combination. It shows some (albeit v small) lumps and bumps on J-Law where you know she simply has none.  It looks cheapy McCheap cheap and the cut-outs do nothing to help.  We all know J-Law is better than this.

I now know I  was better than  my graduation ball dress too.  More than that, I will NEVER understand my need to have paired it with matching silver eyeshadow.

However, when I look at the photo and LOL at the dresses (Elly and Shaz you are not absolved of guilt either), all I really think about are the wonderful memories this photo captures and what I would give to turn back time, just for a minute, for us all to be together again.  So I guess my biggest lesson looking at this dress again? I’ll take amazing friends over a fabulous frock any day of the week.

RIP Tanya.  We miss you.  xx

P.S. What were you thinking with that hair???
P.P.S Who’s fuck awful white no back black block heeled loafers are those???

vic silver


12 thoughts on “Wear for art thou J-Law?

  1. Awwwwww. Lovely. (Not Jen’s dress obvs). We all live and learn. We were so young! How does Shaz still look the same?????
    That was a fab night dresses aside. I’ll always take a great time over a great dress. Wish we could do it again. Love y’all. E X X

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      1. You cheeky bloody sod. Elle’s dress was fab actually. Me and Tan let the side down for sure. Still not as bad as American Tan tights and a Chinese hooker dress eh??? Xx


  2. Classic post today Steward; love it. I especially love the Tuesday Throwback. I actually think you were all looking pretty hot for ‘that era’.

    Special memories.

    Fashion crimes can still be punished retrospectively though. Whoever owned those mules should be shot. Immediately.

    RIP TP.



    1. To be fair, I’m not sure any of my outfits from circa 1996 would make very flattering viewing. I seem to remember wearing a LOT of D&G. Naomi didn’t seem to mind though…X


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