So why VicStewReviews?

Famous people, frocks and faux pas’ are fabulous fun.  Whilst wearing the right dress to the right occasion always wows and wins, equally making the mother of mistakes is jawdroppingly mesmerising.  None of this is life changing or all important considering the state of the world… but sometimes frolicking good fun can brighten the day, fab dresses on the famous can make us froth in excitement and even better, watching them occasionally get it very very wrong can make us mouth WTF and feel better about ourselves.  So vicstewReviews should NEVER be taken seriously but always taken exactly as it’s meant a simple, straightforward, sartorial summary of style … afterall YSL said “It pains me physically to see a woman victimized, rendered pathetic, by fashion”.  And god knows there’s some victims of fashion out there.

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