Wear for art thou Gaga?


Gaga is always a tough one to judge in a VSR, because quite frankly if she manages to wear anything that isn’t perishable, only recently deceased or doesn’t look like it would go up in  flames at the mere whisper of some fag ash, then we all assume she’s looking good.  Actually, to give her credit she looked excellent on the recent Carpool Karaoke, so kudos for that.

I’d like to start by saying I very much like every individual aspect of the clothes she’s wearing here.  The hat is rather fabulous and suits her.  The barbie-esque shoes are a little too plastic fantastic, but a great shape, and I absolutely ADORE and would happily mug her for the fabulous coat.  I really have HUGE coat envy.  The big issue is that whilst one might get away with the hat and coat combo, the shoes really push it in to fancy dress territory once again.

But saying that, if she hadn’t come dressed as a unicorn’s vagina, then it wouldn’t be Gaga and we wouldn’t be talking about it.


2 thoughts on “Wear for art thou Gaga?

  1. *Insert muchos laughing with tears emojis*

    I would risk the unicorn vagina dress-up if it meant I could have that coat.
    But obviously you want it too which means I’ll just end up with the apron…….again.

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