Wear for art thou Hailey?


I’m OBSESSED about coats at the moment, most likely in anticipation of leaving the Singapore sweatbox to return home for Crimbo.  Hailey has done nothing here to ease this fixation, with her wonderful tweed affair.

Yes it’s probably over kill with the checked trouser suit (which I also love) but who cares, it’s fashion forward and undeniably fabulous.  The simple top knot and minimal make up add to the very contrived nonchalance of wearing this magnificence, slouched and shrugged behind her, like the 100% cashmere was a mere afterthought.

Unfortunately the bag and shoes let down the overall look, but who cares.  It’s all about that damn coat.  Which I NEED to get my soon to be fully gloved up mitts on.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Hailey?

  1. Gorgeous coat. She looks fab.
    Please wear it on your fucking shoulders though; it’s not a post-marathon foil wrap-around.
    How is that possibly comfortable? You can’t even scratch your nose because your arms will be trapped like Tom Hanks falling in the hole in Money Pit.

    And I don’t believe only your lower arms are cold.


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