Wear for art thou Victoria?


Blimey Vicky.  This is about the most casual we’ve seen you in WAY over a decade.  And all in all I’m on board. The jeans are a great length and of course fit fabulously.  The simple ribbed, but no doubt extortionately expensive, jumper looks good and most likely paired with a fab navy peacoat or scarf.  I much prefer your hair this length and the colour is good, just a shame you still need the extensions in there are as you can see them today and it cheapens you.

The requisite sunglasses by VB are in place, however, they do NOT work with the open toed nude barely there shoe.  The heels are totally out of place and it looks like you’ve got your seasons confused, which for a ‘designer’ is pretty much sacrilege.  I’m frankly quite shocked, you don’t make many fashion mistakes these days.

May be we should cut you some slack though, utterly understandably you’re probably already dreaming about the welcome home you’re about to get from that ALWAYS deliciously in fashion and en pointe husband of yours.

One thought on “Wear for art thou Victoria?

  1. Yes, a nice relaxed outfit apart from the shoe.
    I also have a sneaky suspicion she’s carrying that coat/bag/scarf in that stupid way she insists on carrying bowling bags. If you want to carry a bag like a clutch, carry a clutch!


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